Singapore Police should be more proactive.

A news report about how some schoolboys in Ang Mo Kio helped nab a thief caught my eye. And last week cars parked in HDB multi-storey carparks had their windscreens and side windows smashed, resulting in cash cards and other valuables being stolen.

Some residents are so fed up that they’ve formed their own groups to patrol their estates.

Snatch thefts, a crime we normally associate with a neighbouring country, is becoming quite common these days. Lift robberies seem to be the favourite with criminal elements as well.

The schoolboys, who helped nab the snatch thief, said they feared the thief might have armed himself with a knife. Are thieves routinely arming themselves with knives these days?

I feel that Singapore is becoming increasingly unsafe. Crime takes place because there’s an opportunity.

Police should be more proactive. More police patrols should help to deter and prevent crime.

As Singapore police is fond of telling us, “Low crime doesn’t mean no crime”. But there IS crime. They should not wait for it to happen then say…”If anyone has information please contact …” or “Get good locks”.

Crime prevention is better than crime detection. “Prevention is better than cure”.

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