Singapore Police – we need police patrols as deterrent to crime

While having breakfast with some friends, one of them shoved the TODAY paper to me and said, “Hey, have you read this?”

I read the news report, “On trial for murder,over EZ-llink card and phone”. Two Malaysians had murdered a Singaporean along Sims Avenue for his EZ-link card and phone.

The consensus among us is that Singapore is becoming increasingly unsafe. Unless you’ve been hiding in the jungle in Borneo you’d have read of the following reports of crime or mischief in Singapore:

-schoolboys throwing things at a bus
-passengers, including schoolboys, punching bus captains
-a passenger who was assaulted on the MRT over an unoccupied seat
-snatch thefts (the elderly often the target)
-lift robberies
-burglaries in HDB flats in broad daylight
-murders, including those of children
-motorbikes being set on fire
-smash-and-grab break-ins of cars in HDB carparks
-hit-and-run accidents
-accidents involving drink-driving

These incidents occur with alarming regularity, prompting one reader to write to the Straits Times calling for the restoration of the old-fashioned police patrols. Clearly, I’m not the only one worried.

This is not a complete list. Please add to it if you feel strongly about an issue.

Crime generally occurs when there’s an opportunity and the perception that you can get away with it. In Singapore we hardly see any police officers patrolling our housing estates, MRT stations, shopping malls and other public places.

With no police presence as a deterrent, criminal elements take their chances.

Ask yourself this question: when was the last time you saw a police patrol? Cops in patrol cars speeding to a crime scene can be discounted. The last time I saw them patrolling (in MRT stations) was when there was a big event in town e.g. the F1 race.


5 Responses to “Singapore Police – we need police patrols as deterrent to crime”

  1. Is there a reason why they are not visibly present? Perhaps someone in authority can provide an answer?

  2. In reply to the query about Singlish (previous postings), even well-known hosts on TV Channel 5 do not speak Standard English. Like ‘Singapore Idol’ lor?

  3. I don’t see them patrolling in the neighbourhood. However, they are prompt to react when they are called.

  4. @andy. manpower shortage maybe. Yes, someone has to explain. But unless some big shot becomes a victim, no questions will be asked.

    @Kym, yes they take pride in their prompt response. Sometimes I see two or three patrol cars converging on a minor incident. They should be less reactive.

  5. I think they are still doing a great job, visible or otherwise, if they react promptly when called.

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