Give Singapore students a break!

“You must be enjoying the school holidays with your kids,” I said to a parent.

“What holidays? My kids have been given tonnes of assignments this week. We can’t take them even for a short break in Malaysia because they can’t spare the time, ” she snorted.

“Our school system is crazy,” I said sympathetically.

“Ya, mad, crazy. Will it make any difference if students are given a break, and let enjoy the holidays. After all it’s only one week. Let’s the kids relax and re-charge their batteries.”

“Every principal it seems wants to upstage the other,” I said.

“Kids in Singapore seem to have lost their childhood. The pressure cooker system of education in Singapore is really, really scary. Frankly, I’m afraid of my kids’ mental health,” she said.

“You’re not the only one who feels this way. Pity our kids and youngsters.”


2 Responses to “Give Singapore students a break!”

  1. Better than the kids from Miri who are deprived of an education.

  2. Scary compared to who? I think Japan, Korea and China have it worse. Maybe India also.

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