KL: Hainanese chicken rice is Malaysian

From time to time, nonsense comes from the loose mouths of politicians in Kuala Lumpur but no greater nonsense is the one that claims that Hainanese chicken rice belongs to Malaysia!

Malaysia Boleh? More like Malaysia Ta Boleh. That’s why it even featured a Balinese dance on its tourist promotional literature. Is Malaysis so short of cultural richness that it has to resort to this cultural theft?

Now it claims that even Hainanese chicken rice, apart from the signature Singapore dish Chilli Crab, is Malaysian. Perhaps, the Malaysian tourism minister has had a drink (no, not beer but maybe sparkling non-alcoholic wine) too many.

We can all take so much nonsense from KL but to claim that Hainanese chicken rice, which originated from Hainan Island in China, is Malaysian is not only bizarre but also a clear indication that a season of madness has seized their minds.

One day, they might come up with Maytucky Fried Chicken or Cantuckee Fried Chickent, and claim it’s an original Malaysian dish. Remember their McCurry? McDonald’s sued McCurry and lost the case.

Clearly, Malaysia Ta Boleh.


5 Responses to “KL: Hainanese chicken rice is Malaysian”

  1. Maybe they have a point. They have their own version of chicken rice. Perhaps their way of preparing the dish is what they are claiming. To differentiate, perhaps call, “Malaysian Chicken Rice”.

    Don’t coral, coral, no good lah!

  2. Indonesians have overreacted, with some resorting to violence.

  3. I watched a mediacorp documentary. The Hainanese chicken rice in Hainan has their own style. In Malacca? they have this ball chicken rice.

  4. Rice is still rice with old chicken or new, it’s still chicken rice when where ever U eat so? waht’s the big issue: Hai Nan-ess? That BTW is still in China, never M’sian!

  5. […] latest move comes after earlier claims that popular dishes like chicken rice and bak kut teh were originally Malaysia’s, and after a string ofattacks on churches following a controversy over whether only Muslims are […]

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