ASUS and Harvey Norman – difference in service standards.

I bought an ASUS netbook from Harvey Norman, and was told to redeem an external DVD drive from ASUS service centre at Alelphi Centre in the city. Much fuss was made over the redemption process – that I had to produce the invoice, and cut out the barcode with its serial number. No sweat I thought.

So I made my way to Adelphi. When I tried to redeem the external drive, the lady manning the counter said, “No stock.”
That meant I had to turn around and go home? “You mean I came all the way from Yishun for nothing,” I said.

Only when I made a lot of noise, did she vanish into another room for about 10 minutes before emerging, saying that she was expecting a phone call in order to resolve the matter.

Whereupon I took matters into my own hands, and called Harvey Norman Northpoint. A guy called Henry had the appropriate response to the stalemate. “You can collect from Harvey Norman in Funan. Let me make a call first.”

In a few minutes he called back with the confirmation.

What a difference in service between Harvey Norman and ASUS!


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  1. Be wary of shops at this high class joint. Some of them have sales persons who are very rude. Apparently they deal only with rich clients who buy sound systems that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    If you are just browsing around, they will sniff at you and serve you reluctantly if you ask to look at cheaper sets. I can imagine you going there to be served by these people.

    I wonder why we still have such service in Singapore. It’s great that you made a lot of noise!

  2. NB: systems that cost…

  3. Service here is almost non-existent. All they’re interested in is making a quick buck from you.

  4. I know the Henry that you are referring to. I recently bought an Asus netbook from him. Quite a nice guy actually. I tried calling the redemption number but they are not answering or always busy, it’s so much trouble calling them. So i’m not sure if the external dvd is now available. Do you have any idea on this?

  5. By now I think the offer is over. But Harvey Norman may relent who knows. Speak to Henry personally. HN can be flexible I found out recently when I bought a DSLR from them.

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