Esplanade Library turned into a student study haven.

The Esplanade Library in the Durian is a fine library but looking for a seat to refer to reference materials is an exercise in futility. The reason is all the seats are always taken up by students, the majority foreign students. They do their accounting or business studies assignments for example, hogging the seats from morning till evening. Clearly they are there not to refer to library materials. You see the same faces most of the time. Genuine library users are therefore deprived of a seat.

It’s like going to a Starbucks and occupying a seat without buying any food or drink.

I’ve nothing against foreign students but public facilities are meant for all, and to be used in the proper manner. I’m sure there are proper places for students to study and complete their assignments at their schools.

The National Library Board should ensure that its facilities are properly used.


2 Responses to “Esplanade Library turned into a student study haven.”

  1. It’s the same in some other libraries too. They just hog the seats for hours, cross their legs on the chairs, snuggle their heads in between the pages of their text books and ignore genuine library users who, whilst browsing, want to use the seats for a while.

  2. This is abuse which library staff are ignoring. Why?

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