Padang quake – How Singapore and Malaysia can help victims. FAS, listen up!

Singapore donated $50000 and sent a rescue and medical team to Padang. This was a good gesture from a neighbour. However, I think this is not enough as the damage to properties and loss of lives is massive.

I’m dismayed at the lukewarm response from Singaporeans generally. True, we have chipped in and donated money, food and other necessities but more could be done.

Singaporeans are generous people. It’s just that their interest needs to be ignited.

In soccer-mad Singapore one way to raise funds for the victims is via sports. A friendly soccer match between Singapore and our perennial soccer foes, Malaysia, is one example.

Hold it at the soon to be demolished National Stadium. At the same time, we can bid the stadium a final farewell before it’s reduced to rubble.

This blogger volunteers to work for free. Not in removing the rubble but as backroom boy in the organisation of the match!

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