Singapore budget airlines – be contactable

Today, another complaint about Tiger Airways appears in the letters page of the Straits Times. This time the complainant expresses his exasperation in his fruitless attempts to contact Tiger’s office.

Budget airlines are always thinking of creative ways to increase their revenue stream. One can hardly blame them since their fares are low compared with full-service airlines.

At the beginning selection of seats was free but now Tiger Airways imposes a fee ( Air Asia too). Use your credit card to make payment and you’ll have to fork out $10 for “facilitation” fee (Jetstar).

Don’t laugh but be prepared to pay to use the toilet next time. Already, travellers have to consider controlling their bladder or pay up to use the toilet on a European airline.

It’s all in the name of business which is to make money.

But budget airlines must be contactable at all times. Tiger Airways’ reluctance to be contactable has battered its reputation. It’s time it woke up.

Or face more angry and disgruntled customers.

Tigers Airways have already lost this writer as its customer.

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