Snatch thieves in Singapore -shoot them!

Snatch thefts first started in Malaysia, and have now spilled over into Singapore. They are now taking place in Singapore with dismaying regularity.

Their victims here, as in Malaysia, have been seriously injured and a few had died.

Snatch thefts are an opportunistic crime. As one senior police officer told me, “Crime occurs because there’s an opportunity.”

With the lack of police presence in public places in Singapore, snatch thieves are emboldened to commit the crime.

Manado in Sulaweisi, Indonesia, used to be plagued with the same problem until the police were given the powers to shoot the snatch thieves in the legs.

The problem has not been eliminated overnight but snatchers think twice now.

There’s something frightening about being shot in the legs as this means you might be crippled. The prospect of hobbling around is too nightmarish even to contemplate.

Perhaps, Singapore should also shoot them in the legs to resolve this criminal scourge. It’s been going on for far too long,

Enough is enough. Shoot them!

NOTE: If you still have a soft spot for such criminals, Goggle “Snatch thefts in Singapore” and read about the families whose lives have been changed forever through the death of their loved ones.

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