Singapore transport operators – stop quibbling over senior citizen concessionary travel

In Singapore senior citizens have to pay full fare on trains and buses during peak hours. This has provoked a long-running debate in the papers.

The situation in Kota Kinabalu provides a stark contrast. There senior citizens travel FREE on public transport in the city. At other public places like national parks and the museum, admission for senior citizens is either at very much reduced concessionary rates or free.

In Singapore our gesture toward our senior citizens is widely seen as half-hearted or tight-fisted as in public assistance to the very poor many of whom are senior citizens.

Both the private sector and the government should stop quibbling, and be more generous to its senior citizens.

Pause to think: would we have the Singapore today were it not for the sacrifices and hard work of its senior citizens who helped to build up the nation?

According to a news report yesterday, Singaore is ranked quite low in according pension benefits to its people.


In Malaysia senior citizens are known as “warga emas” (lit: citizens of gold), and they mean it. Unlike in Singapore we quibble over the time and day when senior citizens should be allowed concessionary travel or admission.


And did you know that Malaysia accords Singapore seniors the same benefits?


3 Responses to “Singapore transport operators – stop quibbling over senior citizen concessionary travel”

  1. Interesting, I`ll quote it on my site later….

  2. Half hearted always! Give us our dues! At 70 years old, I have hardly any benefits. And it’s not a matter of affordability, it’s just a matter of age. We served our ‘national service’ when young.

    As an educated Senior and one who loves the theatre, how can I afford a show that costs $80.00 and more at the Esplanade? Is Senior Citizenship only confined to the less educated because these Seniors watch cultural shows at Community Clubs for free.

    Museums are less patronised during “retirees’ hours” from about 10.30am to 4.30pm. Why not let us in free?

  3. In Singapore it’s always the bottom line, isn’t it? As usual, the govt should take the lead by setting a good example. Ticket prices for concerts are prohibitive for seniors. They think seniors should be restricted only to the cinemas.

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