Land Transport Authority of Singapore, do your job!

Writing in the Forum page of the Straits Times, a reader lamented the widespread practice of drivers modifying their cars, and the danger posed by the huge spoilers on these cars.

Since these spoilers are merely bolted onto the car, they could easily come off in an accident and cause serious injury, th e reader pointed out. I agree with him. Some of these spoilers look like blades which can easily decapitate you or your loved ones.

Besides, these wannabe F1 drivers also have loud exhaust systems which cause noise pollution to the environment.

Drivers of such cars tend to treat public roads as if they were race tracks. They even organise races along Orchard Road!

I have nothing against drivers trying to show off and having a spot of fun but they should do it at a proper place e.g. at Pasir Gudang. It’s considerate to consider public safety.

Why has Land Transport Authority allowed things to degenerate to this stage?


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