Dangerous cycling in Singapore?

I was taken aback to read that an MP asked the minister about dangerous CYCLING in Parliament yesterday.

What’s so dangerous about cycling? How dangerous can cycling be? Has anyone been killed? Yes, there have been a few incidents involving show-off cyclists, resulting in serious injuries. To deduce that cycling in Singapore has become dangerous is far-fetched.

In fact, judging by the frequent aaccidents in which cyclists have been killed the MP concerned should have brought up the issue of DANGEROUS DRIVING.

Almost every day we read with dismay road accidents, some of which are truly horrific like the recent one in Tuas when a bus ploughed into a car, killing the woman driver.

Many people are alarmed enough to write to the papers lamenting the dangerous and reckless driving on our roads.

Why hasn’t any MP brought up this issue in Parliament?

Why is it that the authorities will do something only when an MP or minister bring up an issue?

Feedback from the public counts for nothing? I’m sure MPs and ministers read the papers. Surely they can’t be unaware about recurrent issues that citizens grouse about?

Let’s not get excited over matters that are much ado about nothing like the so-called DANGEROUS CYCLING. LOL.

I’ve been cycling for more than 20 years, and I’d not describe cycling in Singapore as DANGEROUS.

And before you say this guy is jealous of motorists, let me just say I’m a driver too

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