Singapore has dirtiest public toilets in ASEAN

Singapore may be a modern, cosmopolitan city but there’s one aspect to it that it has never been able to resolve. This is the atrocious state of its coffee shop toilets.

These coffee shop toilets are often messy, filthy and smelly. Toilet fixtures are either damaged or spoilt. To compound the problem coffee shop owners make sure that toilet users make do with only a trickle of water. The toilets are cleaned at the most once a day.

Most Singaporeans eat out in the ubiquitous coffee shops so public health ought to be taken seriously. Dont’ forget food handlers also use the same toilets.

Having seen public toilets in other countries in the region I dare say Singapore public toilets are the worst (notable exceptions are those in hotels, shopping malls and foodcourts).

Perhaps, if there’s an international ranking of toilets then the Singapore authorities would be galvanised into taking action.

What a disgrace!!

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  1. When it comes to dinner tables at hawker centres, I think we are also right there at the top in terms of filthiness. In Msia, many of the eating places are owned by the stall holder. Even thought the furniture is old the owner will wipe the table when cleaning it. But in Spore, the cleaners are employees. When cleaning the table, he would sweep it.

  2. “…right there at the top in terms of filthiness” sums up perfectly the prevailing state of our coffee shop toilets.

  3. Coffee shop proprietors should be held responsible for the cleanliness of not only the eating area but also their toilets.

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