State of Singapore public toilets – a national disgrace? Part 1

mesy toilet

This is the typical disgraceful state of a coffee shop toilet (near Yishun MRT Station) in a HDB estate belonging to a popular chain of coffee shops.

Notice the stained tiled floor and walls, missing toilet bowl cover and the open litter bin. Notice also the absence of a water hose/bidet for those whose cultural practice/preference is to use water to wash up rather than to use toilet paper.

empty toilet roll

Impressive-looking toilet paper dispenser but where’s the paper? Coffee shops are quick to raise prices of coffee/tea but stint on toilet paper and water.

You get worried when you realise that the food handlers and stallholders use this kind of filthy toilet.

It’s a national disgrace, isn’t it?


2 Responses to “State of Singapore public toilets – a national disgrace? Part 1”

  1. Yucks, this is disgusting. X:
    I feel so embarrassed.
    What would our tourists think?

  2. They’d be shocked. Clean, green city but filthy toilets. The authorities are in deep slumber.

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