Five reasons why Singapore public toilets are a national disgrace.

Five reasons why Singapore public toilets primarily in coffee shops, which are patronised by the masses, are a national disgrace:

1. The lack of water

The water in the toilets is either a trickle or none at all. Coffee shop proprietors purposely tweak the plumbing system so that they can save on utilities cost.

2. Absence of a bidet / water hose

A bidet /water hose enables toilet users not only to wash up after doing their business but also helps to clean the toilet. In many countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Sabah, Laos etc, there’s always a pail of water. That’s why their toilets are not smelly unlike ours. True, the floor gets wet but this is preferable to a smelly toilet.

3. Damaged pipes

When pipes are damaged, water is shut down. Then it takes ages before repairs are carried out.

4. Infrequent toilet cleaning

Toilets are cleaned only once a day. A toilet cleaner tells me he cleans the coffee shop toilets only at closing time

5. Breakdown of high-tech automatic flushing system

A high-tech flushing system looks good but once they malfunction that’s it; there’ll be no repairs.
The Restroom Association of Singapore once said that a clean toilet made people happy. Now that was in 2003.

Sometimes you can tell if someone had just come out from a coffee shop toilet. A friend asked, “How did you know?”
“Your clothes stink,” I laughed.

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  1. Can imagine going to one of these places after a full meal. There’s no end to dirty toilets, noisy libraries, and littered beaches. Singaporeans just don’t care. Minister Mentor LKY mentioned it once, “Complacency.”

    In Singapore English, “BOH CHARP!” It’s cliched but this attitude will do us all in!

    • A culture of noisy libraries, dirty toilets, reckless and inconsiderate driving (any others?) has developed and become entrenched. No enforcement perhap because there’s no revenue to be raked in.

  2. If you detect a strong stench in the toilet, it can be because of many reasons. Someone has a terrible stomach upset is usually the case.

    On closer inspection you find the design of the toilets are to be blamed most times. Why? Poor air circulation and poor ventilation. How often do you see windows in the toilets? If you see windows, most are sealed. Don’t believe? Next time fart inside the car with all the windwos wind-up and the a/c running. How do we get rid of the stench from a fart? We wind down the windows.

    I have tried the Alexandra Hospital. There are 2 types of toilets. One which is built outdoor whcih allows fresh air to blow through the toilet. The other inside the main building with a small louvered window. No need to guess which one will retain the stench.

  3. You’ve brought up some interesting and valid points. Thanks Peter.

  4. I have been to private apartments in Singapore with toilets where a tiny hole in the ceiling is the vent for fresh air.

    Bad air goes up to don’t know where. And the fresh air? Is it from the same vent or piping?

    These chaps who build these apartments; are they getting away with it too? And the contractors?

    It’s the smallest room in the joint. Nobody cares. Perhaps we should go back to the old days where the loo is far away from the main house. Then no more smell. Until the west wind blows.

    I think a lot of these chaps who use the loo think we’re still living in the bad old days. And they are Singaporeans?

  5. 6. We are bo-bo shooters in the loo?

    I’m quite surprised all the male commenters never point out this possible reason. lol

    Reasons 1-5 are applicable to female toilets as well. To be fair to Stinkapore toilets, we should seek the ladies’ opinion. Maybe female toilets are our national pride, hahahaha.

  6. Either a defective instrument or sheer indifference that accounts for the “marksmanship”.

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