South African tourist shocked by Singapore’s filthy public toilets

A South African tourist was wowed by clean and green Singapore.

But the public toilets disgusted him so much that he wrote to the Straits Times Forum.

This is what he has to say:

“But I would like to highlight one concern – the state of toilets in foodcourts. I was shocked to find many of them dirty during my walk around the city. They were worse than toilets in South African coffee shops.

I hope the authorities will enforce better hygiene standards.”

Trevor Mulaudzi

Because of ineffective action by the authorities concerned, a culture of dirty toilets over time has taken root. Ditto for noisy libraries, libraries being turned into study centres, reckless and inconsiderate driving, and now eating and drinking on trains.

That’s why I steer foreign friends away from eating at our coffee shops although I’d like them to have the experience.

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