This is why Yishun Library is probably the worst Singapore public library

The new Yishun Library in Northpoint is without doubt an impressive public library but its users are less so.

The high noise level is the bane of genuine library users who need the peace and quiet traditionally associated with libraries to do their reading and research.

Library users flout library rules and display a boorish ignorance of eitquette. Take this girl (in her early twenties) for instance seated beside me. Every now and then she’d take a sip from a huge paper cup.

I glanced in her direction a few times in a disapproving manner but she didn’t take the hint.

Losing patience I said, “I thought you’re not supposed to drink in the library?”

The others seated nearby looked up.

Forthwith the culprit stopped drinking.

A blatant defiance of library rules.


6 Responses to “This is why Yishun Library is probably the worst Singapore public library”

  1. Good for you. I did the same too when I confronted a young father playing hide and seek with his little daughter between the shelves and creating so much noise. He stopped but glared at me unhappily (angrily, actually).

    Why aren’t the NLB big shots doing anything?

  2. But it not just the kids that are making noise. I notice retirees talking loudly = as if they want everybody to hear their stories – at the Queenstown Lib. Tempted to invite them to post their stories at Good Morning Yesterday instead where they will get an appreciative audience.

  3. Perhaps NLB can implement a point deducting system to the users’ privilege borrowing books like the traffic system.

    • There is some merit in your suggestion. It should lead to a suspension of borrowing privileges. Since the main culprits are the teens their school should be informed. I’ve suggested this to NLB but apparently they see no merit in it.

      • Not sure how this can be implemented effectively. If kids make noise, you suspend whose account? And I suspect retirees and youngsters who do their revision in the library are not heavy borrowers.

  4. I see your point. But if they are serious a solution, even if it’s a partial one, can be worked out. A big IF. When schools re-open next week, students will once again swarm the library.

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