Singapore’s MRT shocking use of Singlish

MRT passengers will not have failed to notice the in-your-face admonition by Phua Chu Kang not “to play, play” but to give way to those leaving train cabins.

While the government is trying to encourage people to speak correct English, I’m flabbergasted to see that MRT is doing just the opposite.

MRT I can understand is trying to inject some humour into the situation but clearly it’s got its priorities all mixed up.

Some senior management people in MRT either love Singlish or the TV serial “Phua Chu Kang”. It seems PCK is still very much alive – at least to MRT senior management.

Foreigners will have their suspicion confirmed that Singapore has a somewhat quirky variety of English.

Our MRT is among the finest in the world and this blunder, though only of a lingusitc nature, is something we can do without.

Already getting people to speak correct English is an uphill task. We don’t need MRT to bestow on Singlish some form of credibility.

Do MRT’s senior management people know what they are doing?


2 Responses to “Singapore’s MRT shocking use of Singlish”

  1. Just a little fun maybe? But I never like PCK. He’s too morbid!

  2. Nothing with having a spot of fun, of course. But with the Govt trying to get people to speak correct English, MRT people are negating the campaign.

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