Why you need to beware of JB Immigration Checkpoint

When the Straits Times reported that JB Customs and Immigration Checkpoint has plans to expedite traffic clearance for lorries, there were some agitated comments from readers.

One particular comment was both amusing and downright cynical. He claims that there’s a donation box targeted at lorry drivers who want faster clearance. With the proposed plans to expedite clearance, the box will be filled to the brim in no time!

Before you discount this as a joke, allow me to relate my experience in JB.

S’porean motorists on driving back to SG will not have failed to notice JB traffic cops lounging on their bikes just outside the JB Checkpoint. Anyone would think Ha, they must be there to direct traffic. How nice of them.

Don’t be fooled. They’re there primarily on a “fishing” trip ie to “catch” S’porean drivers who somehow run afoul of their traffic laws eg making an illegal U-turn, beating the traffic lights. I’ve seen them booking SG motorists at least half a dozen times for it to be anything but a smart scam.

I don’t condone SG motorists for breaching traffic laws, least of all in a foreign country, but targeting SG tourists in this manner is outrageous.

Any attempt to defend yourself with “I’m sure I didn’t beat the traffic lights” would be countered with “There’re are two of us. Can two of us be wrong?”

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