“Cooling-off” day before polling in Singapore

It comes as no surprise to me that the opposition parties are vehemently against the idea of a cooling-off day before Polling Day.

The PM gave two reasons for such a day: a day of reflection and to lower the risk of public disorder.

Being in control of the media, ministers could still give speeches, announce new policies and to give the spotlight to ministers and PAP candidates. In short, the opposition parties don’t trust the PAP government.

The PAP only has itself to blame for this distrust and cynicism. Its constant tweaking of the electoral processes eg changing electoral boundaries at the last minute, the concept of GRC etc is widely seen as attempts to gain an unfair advantage.

No one doubts that the PAP is the A team, and there’s no need to resort to unfair tactics.

If it had had made attempts to ensure a level playing field over the years of its rule, there might have been less animosity and cynicism towards the party.

I’m also cynical towards this idea of a cooling-off day. It seems like a sensible idea but when it comes from the PAP government, people have their doubts.

Using a football analogy, the PAP is in the Premier League while the rest are in Division 3 or even 4 so why resort to unfair tactics? Perhaps, in politics, it’s differerent.

(This blogger doesn’t belong to any political party).



2 Responses to ““Cooling-off” day before polling in Singapore”

  1. Roger, your last paragraph kenna censored is it? lol

    Actually there is no unfair advantage because the opposition can always field super A team in every GRC, but don’t get caught by CCTV lah.

  2. LOL, not censored but probably distracted by China women parading around the area. I was blogging in Chinatown Complex this morning.

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