Drink-driving and reckless driving that kills should be a manslaughter offence.

I’ve been feeling quite down after reading about the death of a 25-year-old woman pillion rider that was caused by a drunk businessman.

The six months jail sentence appalls me as I feel it’s manifestly light.

A young woman with so much to look forward to had had her life snuffed out by an irresponsible driver. Her young children deprived of their mother, and a husband his wife. Their grief they have to bear for the rest of their lives.

But the irresponsible driver gets out after only six months. On appeal he may even have his sentence reduced.

When you kill someone it’s either term a murder or manslaughter. But when you kill someone on the road through reckless driving or drink-driving, it’s called an accident. How bizarre.

The law should be changed to reflect the gravity of such offences. A road rage attracts a custodial sentence so killing someone on the road should be tantamount to manslaughter, and the offender should be staring at 10 years in jail.

With current sentences so light little wonder then that people take a gamble with drink-driving and reckless and dangerous driving.


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  1. Gosh, he still has the cheek to appeal. Yeah, agree the act is akin to manslaughter.

  2. Another death on the road yesterday. A 5-year-old girl crossing the road was killed by a Subaru driver. Was he driving too fast to stop? Why wasn’t he alert enough? Why couldn’t he take evasive action? Or did the victim cross right in front of his car? Whatever the verdict, these are troubling questions. We all must be aware that a car can be an extremely letal thing. Traffic Police must be stricter in their policing, and the courts must hand out heavier sentences to eradicate reckless and dangerous drivers.

  3. Cambodia has its killing fields. In SG we have killing roads. I’ve raised red flags but both LTA and Traffic Police are either unaware or not convinced of the gravity of the situation. What more can be done?

    You’re right. Hope he gets his sentence doubled to 12 months on appeal. Scandalous!

  4. at the end of the day, people should take responsibility for their actions and shouldn’t think they can run from the law.

    • Agree with you whole-heartedly. Here a Romanian diplomat knocked down three pedestrians as if they were human bowling pins, killing one and seriously injuring the other two, and fled the country. It appears that the Romanian government is dragging its feet over the case. I say boycott Romania – don’t ever visit the country. Like a coward he fled under the cover of diplomatic immunity. He should be exposed not only for the coward he is but also for being a murderer!

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