Are Singapore drivers rude and dangerous?

Letters to the press complaining about the way people drive in Singapore appear with alarming frequency. Some even assert that drivers in Singapore are worse than Malaysian drivers.

Singapore drivers are accused of being rude, inconsiderae, reckless, dangerous and inclined to be a show-off. If on any day I can drive without facing some form of aggravation I consider myself blessed.

Some say it’s because of the exponential increase in the number of cars while others lay the blame on the lack of enforcement from the Traffic Police. When was the last time you saw a traffic cop?

In today’s The Star, a Malaysian daily, a reader calls for a crackdown on reckless and dangerous driving. Singapore could do with a similar crackdown as well but I don’t understand why the authorities are not convinced of the gravity of the problem.

On one occasion I saw a Highway Patrol questioning a guy driving a blue Subaru Impreza on the road shoulder on the CTE. I tooted my horn to applaud the police action. I haven’t seen any such enforcement since but you might have.

I tend to think that it’s a free-for-all on Singapore roads. Am I alone in feeling this way?


3 Responses to “Are Singapore drivers rude and dangerous?”

  1. Speedsters at are common. At night it’s similar endangering lives, etc. Wasn’t so common a few years ago.

  2. Rude and dangerous compared to…?

    I think they’re not as bad as drivers in Shanghai – where pedestrians can’t even cross the road when the Green man light is on.

    In Singapore, when a driver sees another car turning out of a minor road or a pedestrian jay walking, he/she will sound the horn and speed up to scare them.

    I feel drivers in East Malaysia, Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh are better than Singapore driver because they may be in a bad jam but they don’t try to kill one another or pedestrians.

  3. @Andy. Many drivers illegally modify their cars, but TP is in denial. Add hp to your car, and it needs a corresponding increase in braking power, something that they are ignoring.

    @Yu-Kym. I also got the impression that drivers in East Malaysia are more polite and less aggressive. One-upmanship is the pursuit of the typical Singapore driver.

    Ever since some Malaysians claim that they are better (less reckless, dangerous, more polite) drivers, I’ve been observing them whenever I drive over and will give my “report” in due course.

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