Short-changed by Starhub over Champion League

The more I read about the Champion League results, the more I feel I’ve been short-changed by Starhub.

When I re-contracted with Starhub Cable TV, it was with the prospect of watching the Champion League soccer matches.

But when Singtel trounced Starhub in bidding for the rights to the Champion League, Starhub’s customers were left high and dry no thanks to its complacency.

To soothe disgruntled customers, Starhub should have offered a discount to those who’ve re-contracted instead it dilly-dallied, and now says it’ll offer a substantial rebate only in January next year. It should have offered rebates straightaway once the bidding result was out.

Starhub is being very irresponsible in treating its loyal customers shabbily.

When my contract ends next year, I’ll switch over to Singtel.

As consumers of goods and services, Singaporeans must show that they’re not willing to be cheated, short-changed, taken advantage of or bullied. Let our wallets do the talking!


2 Responses to “Short-changed by Starhub over Champion League”

  1. Elvis Presley has a song called, ‘Puppet On A String’:

    Every time you look at me
    I’m as helpless as can be
    I become a puppet on a string
    You can do most anything to me

    What else can we do? I also call it the Octopus Syndrome.

  2. Singtel is no angel either. Someone just wrote a letter to the press asking why Singtel requires a customer to subscribe to a telephone line just to watch Barclays Premier League. He pointed out that many homes now do not have a landline but instead rely on mobile phones which are so ubiquitous nowadays.

    I think blessed are the people who do not watch football games.

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