Letter to The Star: Johor Bahru Traffic Police targets Singapore drivers, Part 1

Part 2 on Dec 26

Peeved by JB’s Traffic Police targeting Singapore drivers, I wrote to the Star newspaper in Malaysia. Since that was two weeks ago, I can safely assume it has rejected my letter for whatever reason I don’t know but I thought the matter was of signifcant public importance.

This was what I wrote:

“On approaching the Johor Bahru Customs and Immigration Complex (CIQ), I have always noticed the presence of enforcement officers from the Traffic Department.

I have seen on numerous occasions Singapore motorists being booked for purportedly beating the red traffic lights.

On one occasion a motorist had almost reached the traffic lights when they suddenly turned red. The normal reaction for most of us is to simply drive through which this driver did.

A traffic cop materialised and booked him. The driver had no intention of beating the traffic lights whatsoever. If he had stopped suddenly he might have caused a collision.

There is no traffic problem on approach to the CIQ so the sole purpose of the enforcement officers is to target Singapore motorists.

I don’t condone motorists intentionally beating traffic lights, but targeting Singapore drivers in this dubious manner is unfair and distasteful.

I am sure there are other more pressing traffic matters for officers from the Johor Bahru Traffic Police Department to pursue.”


9 Responses to “Letter to The Star: Johor Bahru Traffic Police targets Singapore drivers, Part 1”

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  2. You have potential there. Keep on improving by reading a lot, writing as much as you can and taking a keen interest in the language eg its grammar, idioms, style etc.

  3. I agree that S’pore motorists are targeted. I was on way home with family today : hubby was driving but not too familiar with the new chk point – so went into the wrong lane – for motorcycists

    Instead of helping us to reroute, he booked us – for whatever mindless reason. One of them took picture of my car from back and front – ike we were some dubious criminal plotting to go in illegally – I am v v upset – my hubby prevented me from going out – to protect me I guess otherwise, I would have given a diarrohea of high sounding profanities – rather unbecoming of tudung casd woman I guess. My point, however, the reason for booking is simply absurd – and for that, my hubby have 2 weeks topay at the traffic police in JB – how nonsensical right?

    • Thanks for sharing. This is outrageous! The other day I saw 5 cops. Spore drivers should be very careful when approaching the traffic lights outside the JB Checkpoint. We must not take this lying down. I will provide the e- mail address of the relevant persons for everyone to write to in due course

    • Do you have objection if I highlight your experience on my blog as a blog piece? Thank you.

      • dear traffic officers pls book the offenders but dont pretend to book until the driver ask for solution and u tell them long stories , until they have no choice to gave n place the money inside your sumon books, is anybody had and exprience on sundays at the scudai toll boots area speed trapes s’pore cars stop and check licence and told that u had violate speed limit and negotition will on for few minit and settlement will be made at the spot.

      • Thanks for sharing.

        Have been driving in Msia for more than 30 years but have never been booked for speeding. Don’t give them an excuse. Stay within the speed limit. Generally SG drivers like to show off by speeding. If booked ask for proof eg photo with speed indicated. Being targeted by cops there is the downside of driving in Msia.

  4. National Day 2010, returning home from Batu Pahat around 5pm+.
    Hubby drove pass the Toll near JB which required to pay RM2.10 toll.
    Then just around the bend, Polis blocks!
    Flag down, officer name-tagged “ADAM” walked, hb alighted car.
    Adam spoke in fluent Malayu, plus “speeding” “license”.
    My hubby could not understand, but caught the number “113” and word “camera”. On 3 ocassions, Adam acted to flip through his summon book… pretence!

    My MIL alighted, she can converse in Malayu.. Shortly after, she held on the Adam’s arm, and led him to the front left side of the car, where Adam continued to act to check the car’s front car plate… pretence! Adam’s hand jabbed inside car and MIL passed him RM50, said “sorry lah” and off we went, to be caught in jams for the next 3hours!

    Checked with my brother, who also got flagged down, and coffee money being robbed off!

    Pathetic Polis! Standard malaysian culture? Or just that Mr Najib did not do quite enough to increase their pay and stop all these corruption?

    • Sorry to hear about this daylight robbery!! I was once accused but I stood my ground, and they let me off. Why bother with me when there are other SG fish aplenty.

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