Singapore Drivers Drive Me Crazy!

Mediacorp’s BlogTV invited me to write a blog piece on “Driving me crazy”.

This was what I wrote:

“Anyone who drives in Singapore, even for one day, will inevitably shake his head more in sadness than in frustration at the reckless antics on our roads. One foreign driver was sufficiently peeved to write to the newspaper here. Why, he asked, with such beautiful road infrastructure yet our drivers drive like manics?

Young drivers in their souped-up Subaru, Lancer and Honda turn our expressways and roads into race tracks. They even dare to race along Orchard Road. These people think they’re Formula 1 material, inspired by watching too many episodes of F1 on TV no doubt. They fool themselves really. It’s the alertness and evasive actions that other law-abiding drivers take that enable these hotheads to repeat their craziness on yet another day.

The strange thing about driving is that road hogs seem to hoose the very day when you’re in a hurry. Hugging the outermost lane, and a stubborn refusal to give way to faster vehicles are the mindset of such drivers who think driving at 90 kph give them the right to stick to the lane. Not only do they endanger themselves but other road users as well as frustrated drivers overtake them on the left. It’s both pride and sheer ignorance on display here.

Perhaps, the most annoying thing is rampant queue-jumping. After you have taken the right lane and been in the queue for ten minutes or so, along comes a car that squeezes into the small space in front of you. It’s at this critical moment when you have murderous intentions!

Sadly, reckless, dangerous, rude and inconsiderate driving have become the culture in Singapore. This is largely due to the lack of effective enforcement of traffic rules. In my view only strict policing and a zero tolerance towards errant driving can eradicate the menace, and make our roads and expressways safe for all road users.

If on any day, I can drive without any aggravation from other drivers I’ll feel blessed. To prevent my blood pressure from escalating, I’ve adopted the strategy of overlooking three instances of atrocious driving before I get worked up.

Singapore drivers can drive you up the wall. It’s a free-for-all on our roads is the inescapable conclusion. Am I alone in feeling this way?”

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7 Responses to “Singapore Drivers Drive Me Crazy!”

  1. “With such beautiful road infrastructure… our drivers drive like maniacs…” How true, parallels the fact that with such beautifully tiled and cleanly scrubbed toilets, our users use them like naked apes!

    One answer: the selfish arrogance of a society too complacent with life. I wonder if we need a tsunami to wash away our sins.

  2. Read about man killed by the chef who had no driving licence? Weak enforcement so people take chances.

  3. roger, the trouble is they don’t see themselves as bad drivers. why signal your intention to turn, when it is obvious to the others that you are filtering into a turning lane? why signal your intention to switch lane? isn’t it obvious to the driver behind you that you have to overtake the slowing moving car ahead of me? why join the long queue of turning vehicles when i can overtake some slow coaches and cut in? why form up so early when i can cut across three lanes to get into the turning lane? why drive at 70km/h (in a 70km zone) when everybody else is zooming at 90km/h or 100km/h? why stop for the red light when the drivers (on your left or right) have not responded to the green light?

    on the other hand, there are those drivers who perceive themselves as safe drivers because they travel at a safe, slow 70km/h in the extreme right lane of the expressway which has a 90km/h speed limit. they don’t see themselves as hazards to other road users.

    my daughter, who has just got her driving licence in australia, tells me that australians drive better than s’poreans. they do not try to prolong their car battery life by not signalling and they normally give way when you signal your intention to move into their lane.

    • It’s become the culture here, isn’t it? Who should take the blame? Some may argue it’ s the drivers. But to me I have no doubt it’s the ineffective enforcement by the Traffic Police. Enforce the law strictly, all this nonsense will stop eg have an officer at exit points, and queue jumpers will think twice the next time. Traffic Police should just stop issuing advisories (fall on deaf ears), and do the right thing. No driver can plead ignorance as everyone has to learn and know the Highway Code. Half-hearted enforcement gets you nowhere.

  4. But roger, having police everywhere, isn’t this one step closer to a nanny state? Will we have cleaners patrolling our toilets too?

  5. Updates: Accidents yesterday

    1. A high-spead chase along SLE yesterday involving 2 cops and a 20- year-old speedster with one cop injured.

    2. A taxi ploughed into a 7-Eleven store, 3 hurt.

    (Give cyclists and motor-cyclists a chance)

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