Johor Bahru Traffic Police targets Singapore drivers, Part 2

Part 1 on Dec 13

I wrote about how JB Traffic Police targets Singapore drivers (Dec 13) and received this comment which I think deserves greater prominence.

“I agree that S’pore motorists are targeted. I was on way home with family today : hubby was driving but not too familiar with the new chk point – so went into the wrong lane – for motorcycists

Instead of helping us to reroute, e booked us – for whatever mindless reason. One of them took picture of my car from back and front – ike we were some dubious criminal plotting to go in illegally – I am v v upset – my hubby prevented me from going out – to protect me I guess otherwise, I would have given a diarrohea of high sounding profanities – rather unbecoming of tudung casd woman I guess. My point, however, the reason for booking is simply absurd – and for that, my hubby have 2 weeks to pay at the traffic police in JB – how nonsensical right?”

Be careful when you approach JB immigration complex (returning to Singapore). The cops are often seen lounging on their bikes below the viaducts.

At times you may not be able to see them on account of the bushes and concrete support pillars but they can see you!


2 Responses to “Johor Bahru Traffic Police targets Singapore drivers, Part 2”

  1. A Singapore businessman was jailed in JB for attempted bribery. Don’t risk it; just take the ticket. If you explain properly, the fine can be reduced. Not worth ruining your career with a jail term. See it as a form of tax and you may feel better (reframing).

  2. They are still at it. Often in a group they keep an eye out for Singapore drivers. Must be very profitable.

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