Fuel restriction in Malaysia: Don’t overdo things!

Today, the Star newspaper published my letter on the issue of fuel restriction for foreign cars.

Apart from rising crime in Malaysia and other hassles, Singaporeans now face another in the form of fuel restriction.


Tuesday December 29, 2009
Fuel restriction won’t turn off Singaporeans

SINGAPOREANS drive across to Malaysia, particularly Johor Baru (JB), because of cheaper goods and services, including fuel.

Johor is now restricting Singapore motorists to only 20 litres of petrol. This can be an inconvenience to those who wish to drive non-stop to Kuala Lumpur.

Unlike some people, Singaporeans do not smuggle petrol. Besides, by law they have to have at least a three-quarters tank of petrol on leaving Singapore.

As long as it is still worthwhile to drive to Malaysia, Singaporeans will continue to do so in spite of the perennial traffic congestion at the checkpoints. The day when it is no longer worthwhile is the day when the number of Singaporeans going to JB dries up.

No one disputes Malaysia’s right to impose such a restriction, but be mindful of the fact that Singaporeans form your biggest tourist arrivals.



If you interested in writing to the Star newspaper in Malaysia here is the e-mail address:



4 Responses to “Fuel restriction in Malaysia: Don’t overdo things!”

  1. Yes they do overdo. Even their bus drivers ‘overdo’ their driving hours and create terrible accidents. What to do? These chaps all so kayu!

  2. It’s their culture. Even Msians are warning of turning JB into a ghost town. But i am glad my letter has been copied to other news agencies, forums etc thus giving the matter even wider publicity. We help boost the Msian economy but we must not be taken for granted or ,worse,victimised eg falsely accused of traffic offenses.

  3. Will Singapore tit for tat? lol

    How does the fuel restriction work? Can you drive out and then come in for yet another 20 litres of fuel?

  4. Yes, you can. But it means a lot of inconvenience.

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