Customer service: shocking mindset in Singapore, Part 1

Upset by poor customer service, a reader wrote to the Straits Times.

He recounted how he wanted the shop to heat up a packet of nasi lemak but it refused even though it had a microwave oven. Not only did the shop lose a sale but also a customer.

Commenting on this, another reader chided him for complaining. There are business costs to consider eg the work involved in heating up the food, the cost of the electricity etc. Bizarrely, he concluded that the complainant must still be young to make such a silly complaint.

Clearly, he and the shop don’t believe in giving good customer service.

Do you agree with his views?

Hong Kong was once known for its rude service staff and a culture of poor customer service but these days its customer service is far superior to Singapore’s. I say this not only from friends’ but also from personal experience.

What is even more worrying is that even upscale stores’ customer service leaves much to be desired.

And with more and more foreign service staff in Singapore who can’t speak English, the situation is indeed bleak.

Is a culture of take it or leave it taking root here?


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  1. We are coming to the HK syndrome. “If you no buy, you no touch!” Happened to me some years back in Aberdeen, HK.

    In July, 2009: An airconditioning company shortchanged me by providing wrong cables and poor workmanship resulting in burnt cables and leakage. When I called the boss, he told me, “Shit… you must pay for the ploblemz.”

    I refuse to deal with gangsters who pose as business people.

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