Haiti Earthquake: only US $50,000 from Singapore?

I was disappointed to read that the Singapore government donated only US $50,000 in response towards the Haiti earthquake.

To put things in perspective, NTUC donated $500,000. Nissan and Toyota US $100,000 and 500,000 respectively. Even individuals have donated much more than Singapore.

The miserly amount from Singapore is not surprising really if you consider our contributions to past disasters.

Being one of the wealthiest countries in the world, I hope the Singapore government will be more generous in the future.

Meanwhile, it’s heartening to note that even the much maligned younger generation ( eg too self-centred according to an article in the Sunday Times today ) I’ve spoken to has expressed their willingness to donate.

When told that Singapore donated only $50,000, they stared at me with disbelief.

“Are you sure?” they asked.


2 Responses to “Haiti Earthquake: only US $50,000 from Singapore?”

  1. Hi. I would just like to present my views. Recently, during my lecture in school, I found out why Singapore always extend little financial help. The government is actually very smart in the sense that they are aware of really bad corruption in these less developed countries. So it is not that they do not want to help. I’m sure they do. In fact, there are many ways to help these people. They can send volunteers, food, clothes and many other things. All these help in terms of actions will definitely reach those victims, but as for money, no one knows.

    • Your concern is understandable. Still, the amount is a drop in the ocean. Fortunately other governments, organizations and individual donors don’t think like that otherwise donations will be terribly inadequate. Last week our government gave a miserly $25,000 to Sri Lanka for flood relief. With the 4th or 5th highest sovereign fund in the world, surely it can afford to be more generous?

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