Singapore TV and Radio Licence: the art of chasing after every dollar in a citizen’s pocket

The Media Development Authority (MDA), amid the controversy over the need of a TV licence for households in Singapore, says the Singapore TV licence is among the lowest in the world.

However, its point is irrelevant.

Why can’t Singapore abolish TV licence if MANY other countries (some much poorer than Singapore) have done so. Years ago I read with amusement how the Malaysian authorities were trying to locate those who had paid their TV licence to give them a refund as Malaysia had abolished the licence.

What do we get for paying $110? MDA says it’s for the production of community-related programmes. Seriously, do you watch such programmes?

A TV licence covers the radio in your house but if you have a radio n your car you need to pay for a separate licence. The reason is that a car is a separate vessel.

When the aim is to chase after every dollar in your pocket, they can come out with clever-sounding arguments that only convince them but won’t fool the majority of us. They see the Emperor’s clothes where we see none.

I tried to give away my used but good TV set to those living in 1-room flats but there were no takers. I asked them why.

“Must pay TV licence,” they said.

“You want a radio?” I asked.

“”No. Also have to pay licence.”

Reflect on this: why is our government making its citizens bear the cost of producing community-related programmes? Are such programmes really necessary?

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