MDA: difficult for Singapore government to co-fund World Cup matches

I wasn’t surprised to read the Media Development Authority (MDA, the one that forces you to pay your TV and radio licence) saying that the World Cup telecast is a commercial decision.

But my eyebrows ratcheted up when it says “The Government’s funding for content on free-to-air TV goes towards a large number of public-service broadcast programmes that promote social objectives and national harmony. It would be difficult to meet requests for funding the World Cup broadcast which do not meet these objectives.” (TODAY, Jan 22)

I have no quarrel with the second part of this statement though many would ask, “Why not? It’s our money (TV licence) after all.”

All along I thought that the TV licence that they ram down our throat is meant to fund public-service programmes?

The statement gives the impression that it’s the government that coughs up the money.

The unthinkable can happen: that a country that brags about its first-world status, and one with a sovereign wealth fund that is mentioned in the same breath as oil-rich Arab countries is leaving its citizens in the lurch, forcing them to flee to Malaysia and other neighboring countries like Thailand and Indonesia to watch the World Cup.

No word is adequate to describe the utter absurdity of it all.


2 Responses to “MDA: difficult for Singapore government to co-fund World Cup matches”

  1. Personally, I think FIFA is holding us on ransom. 40 mil! I doubt they are asking the same price from other country. I am glad that it’s a commercial decision. Let those FANS “Pay to watch”, since they are so deeply in love, and i believe they are willingly to pay.

    I will be very disappointed to MDA if they co-fund the world cup matches. The TV/radio license I paid every year should spend on better quality signal or infrastructure.

    Go ahead to neighbouring country and watch those matches. Since South africa is about 6hr behind us, i doubt FANS will have sufficient sleep for the next day to work. Might as well take a month vocation oversea.

    • Thanks for your views. If the impasse is not resolved, taking a month’s leave is an option as you mentioned. I’m glad that the Football Association of Singapore has stepped into the fray in an attempt at a solution.

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