Sunday Times (Singapore):FIFA as predator.

The word that I’ve been associating with FIFA is “GREEDY!”

But the Sunday Times (Singapore) today lambasts FIFA as “predatory” which means victimimizing others for personal gain.To my mind, “predatory” fits FIFA’s mindset eminently.

It appears that after getting wind of Singtel’s $400 million bid for EPL, FIFA decided to plunder.

Is FIFA’s vision becoming clouded by greed?

Is FIFA’s mission to promote the beautiful game or to buiid up a business empire?

Its arrogance is putting many people off.

As the Sunday Times puts it: “What FIFA must know is that it may find itself discredited around the world, if it persists with its gouging ways.”

It’s already happening.

For the moment it is laughing all the way to the bank.

However, as it becomes increasingly discredited more countries may say, “Enough is enough.”

Or is FIFA thinking it’s too big to fail?

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