Land Transport Authority(LTA): why is it chasing after every cent?

On Saturday at about 1pm I was driving in the city near the Singapore River just before the Central Fire Station (heading towards Victoria Street). Traffic was very light so I was shocked to see that ERP was in operation.

$2 was promptly snatched from my cash card. Fortunately, I had my cash card inserted for you’ll never know when you might encounter an ERP gantry for as most motorists by now have known to their dismay that the absence of a cash card means you’ll be slapped with an admin charge on top of the ERP charge.

It’s not the money that matters but why ERP is in operation when most offices are closed on a Saturday. Most significantly, since ERP is meant to regulate traffic congestion why is it in operation when traffic congestion is non-existent?

Why $2? Why not 50 cents or even 20 cents? By what formula does LTA arrive at its ERP charges?

LTA’s senior management must be constantly mindful of the fact that it is in a sense taxing the motoring public. It must always ensure through periodic reviews that its charges are fair and, most of all, JUSTIFIED.

ERP on a Saturday afternoon is certainly UNJUSTIFIED, and even if justified in the eyes of LTA, $2 is overkill. I can’t help but feel that LTA is chasing after every cent.

When I related the incident to a Chinese-educated friend, age 74, he cried out: “Yeah, they SUCK all our money.”


ERP=Electronic Road Pricing, implemented in 1998, with 80 ERP gantries ringing the country.


2 Responses to “Land Transport Authority(LTA): why is it chasing after every cent?”

  1. “traffic congestion is non-existent” is evident of the gantry’s success? I mean this is how I will present to my boss in LTA, lol

  2. Yes, both ways they win don’t they?

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