Singapore General Election: protest vote

One fine day I noticed my neighbour painting his house. To see him thus engaged surprised me for he never lifted a finger to even wash his car, leaving the chore to his maid. The mystery was soon solved for not long after this he sold his house.

Now, you may well ask What has this to do with the general election?

Well, you must have read the recent slew of feel-good news in the papers. Yesterday the government announced that citizens would enjoy a higher subsidy in health care than permanent citizens.

In December last year, the government declared that permanent citizens would have to pay higher school fees.

All this it says is to demonstrate that there’s a significant difference between citizens and foreigners.

As the general election looms, there will be more feel-good soundbites.

It’s called sweetening the ground, isn’t it? Just like my neighbour who threw himself into a frenzy of physical labour.

The frustrating thing is that people have been complaining about these things for years. Nobody listened. The complaints were brushed aside with their customary clever-sounding arguments.

Too little, too late?

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