Tragic death of a Singapore sports veteran

I was shocked by the news of the death of one of Singapore’s most illustrious sportsmen, Tan Eng Yoon.

He was knocked down by a 33-year-old driver.

It was also at this spot where a couple were knocked down by a drink-driving motorist. The wife tragically died.

I’ve been been highlighting the anarchic state on our roads and expressways in my blog.

LTA and Traffic Police must adopt a zero tolerance attitude towards dangerous and reckless driving, and increase the penalties eg mandatory jail term for anyone who knocks down a pedestrian as in New York.

How else can the authorities be made to realise that the current situation can’t go on anymore?

A spectacular accident?

A member of Parliament being knocked down?

Or perhaps a Minister on his rounds canvassing for votes being knocked down by a speeding motorist?

No prize for guessing which scenario will galvanise the authorities into action.

Meanwhile, while they dither the madness continues, and more kids, the elderly and other road users will be killed.

Remember the Romanian diplomat who knocked down three pedestrians in one fell swoop, killing one? The coward fled to Romania, and police have identified him as the culprit (murderer, in my book).

The outcome would be interesting.

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