Singapore Education System: why are our Singapore youths like this?

Singapore students are renowned for their rote-learning prowess, and less for their creativity.

But there’s another aspect of our students that’s easily missed unless you’re sufficiently observant.

And that’s they’re loud-mouth, boisterous, playful and inconsiderate in public. I have nothing personal against youngsters, just their behaviour.

When a group of students, irrespective of gender, congregate whether in a coffee shop, food court, MRT or bus for instance you’re guaranteed a lively demonstration of their tomfoolery accompanied by decibel-busting chatter and laughter.

Oh, it slips my mind…in public libraries as well.

As I’ve said, I’m not against youngsters, least of all youngsters having a good time. But there’s a time and place for everything. The word is etiquette, isn’t it?

In a place of worship like a church we listen respectfully.ln the cinema we stop our chatter. You get the picture.

You may protest and say Hey, teens are the same everywhere, aren’t they?

Sorry to disappoint you but they aren’t the same everywhere. I’ve travelled in trains and public buses in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka and elsewhere. The youths there know how to behave themselves. And they don’t certainly sit on the floor of commuter train, blocking the exits.

Aren’t our youths taught any etiquette and manners in school?

Or maybe their high energy level is the result of being too well fed?

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