National Parks: are you aware of this monkey business?

The monkeys are coming!

I’m not joking. The monkeys are coming, or more precisely, they’ve already come to the Malcolm Road, Mt Rosie Road and Goldhill Ave areas.

There’s no doubt in my mind that these marauding monkeys have come from the Bukit Timah forest reserve, driven perhaps by a scarcity of food in the forest.

These monkeys could soon prove to be a nuisance -rummaging in litter bins, attacking little kids, spreading diseases, damaging properties and making their way into homes to forage for food.

In short, they will become a pest.

If nothing is done by National Parks, the primates in these residential areas could increase.

Is National Parks aware of this monkey nuisance? NP should be more proactive in curbing the menace before it spirals out of control.

It’s good to preserve the biodiversity of the forest reserve but too much of something can be annoying.

The residents are not amused.


4 Responses to “National Parks: are you aware of this monkey business?”

  1. Thank you sir for this warning. The monkey menace has come to town because this area is not far from Novena Square and Anglo Chinese School. I have seen two monkeys in the same area mentioned by Mr Poh only yesterday (2.02.10) at about 3pm. They were at the pedestrian walk-way and could be scampering towards Catholic Junior College around the corner. But they were not fearful of our car when we passed them slowly. I can imagine these creatures going into our homes soon.

    National Parks, catch them before they start monkeying around the Goldhill Avenue Park where there are many children.

  2. Two monkeys will soon be four, and before N Parks wake up, there might be hundreds!

    It takes the tragic death of our foremost sports personality, Tan Eng Yoon, to have the authorities like LTA scrambling to put in place road-safety measures along the road where he was knocked down.

    I share the concern of Andy. N Parks, act now.

  3. I have sent the article, both comments, to National Parks Singapore at their feedback website and left my own forwarding email address.

    Thank you for taking up the matter too.

  4. Good thinking, Andy. It occurred to me that perhaps I should send it to ST Forum.

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