Civic consciousness or kindness lacking in Singaporeans?

When her father in his 60s fell down in Orchard Road, nobody came to his help except two westerners. She complained bitterly to ST Forum.

No locals helped her father she claimed. Now, I find this hard to believe. Maybe the situation did not look so serious, so people simply ignored her father and went about their business. I’m sure if it were serious, passers-by would definitely have helped.

I don’t know…perhaps she was overreacting.

Singaporeans have also been accused of not giving up their seats on the MRT to deserving passengers eg pregnant ladies, the elderly.

I’ve been training my mental spotlight on this issue whenever I travel on the MRT. And I’m heartened that many people DO give up their seats. Well done.

Of course, there are always the black sheep. They have my contempt.

But I’d like to see more instances of people responding with a smile or Thank you to those who give up their seats.

Singaporeans are generally civic conscious and kind.

Except when they are driving! Sigh.


2 Responses to “Civic consciousness or kindness lacking in Singaporeans?”

  1. Been in buses. Had to stand all the way for 6 or 7 stops. Nobody stood up for me.

    Been in trains from Little India to Sengkang/Ponggol. Nobody stood up for me, even in the most crowded ones.

    Been to libraries. Not one of them is quiet enough for me to read. There’s always a child running around or shouting. And nose-diggers and bare-foot contessas are always around occupying seats with snoring idiots.

    Click my indicator lights to change lanes. Nobody gives way or slows down to let me in. On the contrary, they hit the accelerator pedal and drive faster.

    Maybe I complain too much? But I’ve been doing MY part as a good citizen. And I am 70 years old.

    Some of these chaps, they don’t like grey-haired men. I have been told by a young student, “We hate old people with white hair.”

    Both, sir! Unkind and mostly uncivilised. Or maybe I’m just exaggerating.

  2. Friends tell me the same things. Unlike other Asian countries, there is a lack of respect for senior citizens. Looks like a failing of our schools.

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