Singapore Traffic Police Warning: offence to cycle on pavements except …

The Traffic Police has warned cyclists that it’s an offence to cycle on pavements EXCEPT in Tampines with fines of up to $1000 for offenders.

Why the discrimination?

Why one law for Tampines, where it’s legal to cycle on pavements, and another for the rest of Singapore? This is unprecedented.

I can’t think of any other Singapore law that is discriminatory. Can you?

Are Tampines’ cyclists more disciplined cyciists than those, say, in Ang Mo Kio,Toa Payoh and Yishun and elsewhere? Are cycling facilities there much superior? Or do they have VVIPs who were more persuasive in pushing for their agenda?

Can you imagine Traffic Police chasing after grandfathers, grannies, houswives, kids and foreign workers? Already they seem unable to cope with enforcement duties on the expressways and roads, so if they are suddenly overzealous in booking cyclists then I think it’s downright absurd and ridiculous.

Thousands of cyclists are biking illegally at any one time in various parts of Singapore. If they book all of them, then Traffic Police will be tied down for the rest of the year in reams of paper work.

Assuming everyone is law-abiding and take to the roads. Can our already congested roads cope? Will there be more accidents involving cyclists?

ERP for cyclists then?

I am deeply disappointed.

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