Cycling in Singapore:Illegal to cycle on pavements in Singapore so…

The law against cycling on the pavements has been on the statue book for a long time, but it’s only after Traffic Police’s warning that people are more aware of the law.

So we can’t cycle on the pavements on pains of fines up to $1000, then where can we cycle?

Let’s consider some options:

1. in the bus lane (bus drivers will protest if cyclists take to bus lanes en masse as this will cause delay to buses).

2. share road space with motorists (motorists will protest too, real danger of being killed or injured)

3. give up cycling altogether (not realistic as many bike to work, to bus interchange and the MRT, to shop etc)

4. continue to cycle on pavements and risk the fines (only practical and sane option to me)

5. demarcate special lanes on roads for cyclists as in China (best solution to the impasse, and the government can’t say NO now).

Having cycled for more than 20 years, I have yet personally to see any serious accidents involving cyclists and pedestrians (this is not to say there has been none but the numbers are miniscule).

The vast majority of cyclists are sensible and careful so let’s not be too emotional and overreact and demonise cyclists!


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  1. The Singapore Government should build cycle lanes all over Singapore so that all motorists, cyclists and pedestrians will be safe. And cycling is a very GOOD FORM OF EXERCISE!!

    • As an enthusiastic cyclist myself I agree with you. It is doable eg Yio Chu Kang Road is being upgraded; surely a cyclist lane can be set aside.

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