Religious harmony in Singapore: Pastor Rony Tan apologises

It’s heartening to read that Pastor Rony Tan of Lighhouse Evangelism Church has made a personal apology to representatives from the Buddhist and Taoist faiths for his insensitive and offensive comments.

Being a multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi-religious society, we must ensure that racist comments or comments that insult or belittle other faiths do not occur. We have seen how this has wrecked other countries so we must not take this lightly. A spark can easily set off a conflagration, you know.

From time to time I read of racist comments in online forums, and I find them unacceptable and offensive.

Every culture and faith has something interesting if we bother to dig below the surface.

It’s this very variety that makes Singapore an interesting place. I enjoy the festivities associated with the various cultures.

For instance, on Thaipusam I’d go to Little India to watch the kavadi-carrying devotees. The Pongal festival (harvest festival) is another.

Come Hari Raya, you’d find me in Geyland Serai for the light-up or the Sultan Mosque area to observe Muslims breaking fast, and, of course, to try out the mouth-watering food myself.

Without these festivities I think Singapore would be a much duller place.

The word is Respect. We must respect other races, cultures and faiths in Singapore if we expect the same from others.

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  1. It is stated in the newspapers (ST) that Rony Tan was a band-boy. I wonder what the name of his band was? Anyone?

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