LTA and Singapore Traffic Police: time to act tough, if not now when?

Another hit-and-run accident. A young couple were knocked down when the green man was in their favour. One of the victims is in intensive care.

It’s both sad and sickening to read of hit-and-run accidents. Not only it’s cowardly but also inhuman to leave your victims lying seriously injured.

A broken wing mirror led police to the culprit.

Last year there were more than 200 hit-and-run cases! In 2008, more than 300!

It’s time Traffic Police acted tough. It’s pointless being lenient, and talk of educating drivers. They will only laugh at you, and see you as weak.

The message should be made clear to all drivers: make a jail sentence mandatory if they knock down a pedestrian.

By the way, I notice that the electronic signboards known as the Expressways Monitoring Advisory System (EMAS) are under utilised.

Instead of urging motorists to drive carefully, which most ignore, or wishing them a nice day, which they laugh at, use the signboards to remind motorists of the severe penalties that await them for drink-driving, knocking down pedestrians, reckless and dangerous driving etc.

Motorists will only behave when you hit them with severe penalties. These are not babe in the woods so don’t treat them with kid gloves.

Along Ave 5 Ang Mo Kio, I have seen motorists racing each other during the evening peak hour. With many factories along this road it’s unsurprising to see many pedestrians.

One misjudgement from these stupid racing drivers (where’s the trophy?) a major accident is the likely outcome. If their death wish is granted, I can only say they ask for it but I despise them for making their wives early widows and their children fatherless. Sorry for the strong language but that’s how I feel.

Or do we have to wait for another well-known person to be killed before the authorities take tough action?


6 Responses to “LTA and Singapore Traffic Police: time to act tough, if not now when?”

  1. They do. They need another famous Singapore personality to get hit before they act.

    “Have you seen the old girl /Who walks the streets of London /Dirt in her hair and her clothes in rags? /She’s no time for talking, /She just keeps right on walking/ Carrying her home in two carrier bags (Ralph McTell).”

    “And some fell by the wayside… Parable of Sower/A personal interpretation).”

    A city status? Why not? As such, nobody cares.

  2. Traffic Police should go after these speedsters instead of picking on soft targets like illegal parking in a cul de sac. TP should adopt a higher visibility on roads and expressways. Sadly this is not the case.

  3. There is another kind of dangerous driver who swerves into the relatively-empty slow left lane of a main road (even an expressway such as the ECP), speeds up, and then cuts back into the fast lane.

    • That’s true. Motorcylists are at great risk from such reckless drivers who cut across lanes in this manner.

  4. Then be prepared to see more tragedies if ERP is successful. Less cars, good to speed. Since “green man” is no longer safe and making pedestrians complacent, we should learn from Vietnam and cross CTE during peak hours.

  5. Whenever I sense that another driver wishes to race with me, I let him “win” then slowly creep up behind him at the next traffic light. Let’s not be tempted into a race on the roads or expressways – for what? To prove that you’re a better driver or have a faster car? I hope I don’t sound like a rep from Traffic Police but let’s always put Safety First, not only for ourselves but also for all other road users.

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