Shocking: Mediacorp 8 Days’ “tiger skin” shots

I reacted with indignation when I saw the cover page of 8 Days magazine featuring Wong Li-Lin draped in a tiger pelt.

What message is Mediacorp, the publisher, sending out to its readers? That’s it’s ok to hunt down tigers for their skins?

That the tiger pelt in the picture is fake is beside the point.

Worldwide, the tigers have dwindled to less than 3500, making them one of the most endangered species.

Tigers need all the help they can to survive, and for Mediacorp to send the wrong message is utterly irresponsible. Being a huge conglomerate it should be more mindful of its social responsibility.

In protest, I’ll boycott 8 Days and urge all who share my outrage to do the same.

Can you bear the thought that one day the tiger might become extinct? Soon the only evidence of their having roamed on Earth lies in pictures.

And ,of course, fake tiger pelts as well.


9 Responses to “Shocking: Mediacorp 8 Days’ “tiger skin” shots”

  1. Yes, I felt something wasn’t quite right when I saw it at the news stand. Whether it is real or not is besides the point…

  2. I wonder if certain “stars” are so desperate that they’ll do anything for money and publicity, even to the extent of draping themselves with animal skin, fake or otherwise, to get the few dollars for modelling?

    Or is it something else? Whatever. It just reflects the mentality of the people in charge.

    • You’re right. Real bad taste to chase after a few dollars like this. It’s inconceivable that nobody in Mediacorp or the production raised the red flag.

  3. Regarding the tiger-skin “star”:

    Again, the same old and tired faces seem to dominate Channel 5 and Channel 8. These artistes have been on these channels for years are the same ones promoting products on TV. Some even have their children appear on screen.

    Is there a monopoly? Why aren’t members of the public, who may be just as good-looking and talented, given a chance to appear and promote these products?

    Let’s have fresh faces devoid of tiger skins on local TV!

    Harimau? hari, hari mau?
    Tidak, tidak,
    Hari hari tak mau!

    • No disrespect but we see the same old faces. Personally I find local TV boring. A dearth of talent or a lack of competition?

  4. Alamak! 1) These artistes WHO have… 2) BE given a chance..

  5. Although Meida Corp claimed that it was a fake tiger skin upon public complaints, the message they sent is just as demaging, because the intent and spirit is to make it looks like a real tiger skin. It shows a lack of understanidng of Tiger conservation. I sincerely hope that Media Corp will make a public apology instead of defending thier mistake. The public need to be assured that the management and editorial team of our major media owner, understand the issue of Tiger Conversavtion, and will never endorse the use of wildlife parts.

    • Yes, they should issue an apology instead of being defensive. Being in the media business, it’s inconceivable that they’re unaware of the implications of the tiger skin shoot cover on 8 Days. Their stubbornness in the face of public outcry is further evidence of their abysmal lack of social responsibility.

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