ICA: scrap exit toll at Woodlands Checkpoint

I have never understood why the Immigration and Customs Authority (ICA) imposes an exit toll on cars leaving the country via the Singapore-JB Causeway which was completed in 1923.

I’ve asked many people but nobody seems to know the real reason.

The exit toll ($1.20) is grossly unfair for the simple reason that motorists are leaving Singapore thus they’re no longer contributing to road congestion and using the road infrastructure in Singapore.

The Malaysian entry toll for cars has a valid reason: we have to contribute towards the cost of their road infrastructure and traffic congestion.

It’s all very easy for government agencies to impose fees, fines and tolls but these must be fair and above all justified or else public resentment is the outcome.

With huge sums of money flowing into government coffers, and the favourable impression this creates on the performance of the agencies it’s understandably hard to relinquish the money-spinners.

Public bodies in Singapore must constantly review their policies to ensure that impositions of fees, fines and tolls are FAIR AND JUSTIFIED. When circumstances change, adjustments should be made without delay eg ERP rates

For starters, ICA should scrap the exit toll for Singapore cars.

Otherwise it reinforces the widely-held perception that the current administration is always making people PAY AND PAY.


3 Responses to “ICA: scrap exit toll at Woodlands Checkpoint”

  1. Thank you, Roger..

  2. Now they even make you pay for parking at MacRitchie Reservoir. I guess it is to cover the cost of building the new covered car park. It’s always the bottom line that’s watched very carefully. Whatever happened to public service?East Coast Park next? Bet you they’re trying to find an excuse to impose paid parking.

  3. Exit toll fee of $1.20 vs Johore toll is RM 2.90 (est S$1.25)
    In my opinion : To have some traffic congestion for political reasons between Singapore and Malaysia.

    Exit & return Tuas toll is S$4.60 vs the 1st toll is RM10.80(est S$4.60)
    Naturally, majority commuters need to travel to JB frequently for business or pleasure will take the cheaper route.

    I don’t expect/want free toll but encourage and support less congestion and better flow of traffic during peak hour to reduce green gas. It is bad for health and the enviroment.

    Perhap, Tuas exit toll could be reduced to half (S$2.30) to encourage better usage and reduce congestion. However, I very much doubt so as the authourity is bend on their defensive rationale.

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