Woodlands Checkpoint: good move by ICA

Returning to Singapore from Malaysia today, I was pleasantly surprised by the smooth traffic at Woodlands Checkpoint.

This was largely due to the opening up of another lane exiting the Checkpoint after customs clearance.

Normally after customs clearance there’s only one lane to exit, leading to congestion and slow-moving traffic.

There’s another lane available for the same purpose, and if it were open then there would be three exiting lanes.Drivers and Malaysian tourists would have a more pleasant experience than in the past.

Many people have written to the newspapers pointing out the bottleneck at the customs clearance area.

I hope the extra exiting lane is not only for this festive season but will remain a permanent feature.

Especially now that the casino is open there’s strong Malaysian interest.


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  1. A disappointment – the extra exit lane after customs check is no longer in use. So back to the status quo ie the usual bottleneck.

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