POSB: still the people’s bank?

POSB customers spilling out onto the corridor outside.

I was rather amused to read reports of the POSB boss giving ang pow to the bank’s customers. I hope the ang pow contained some serious cash and not a TOTO gambling slip that I got in mine from a beaming God of Fortune!

Anyway POSB now ranks low on my list of favourite banks. Why? The reason is I always dread to go to a POSB branch because of the perennial long queues.

I asked their staff why couldn’t they issue Q numbers. The response was that they would have a problem with customers who miss their turn, and that Q numbers slow things down.

I beg to differ. At pharmacies in polyclinics and hospitals, the crowds are even bigger but things run smoothly. At all other government offices and other public bodies, standing in line is a thing of the past.

I’ve seen how the elderly, those who’re pregnant or unwell, struggle uncomfortably in a long queue. A queue number would enable these people to at least sit down while waiting for their turn.

There cannot be a greater contrast than the Maybank and POSB branch in Yishun Central. In the former you are given a Q number while in the latter you stand in line, perhaps, for a good 15 to 20 minutes.

Perhaps, if POSB senior management were to check out things for themselves they’ll gain a different perspective. By that I mean they should also stand in line with the other customers.

POSB used to be known as the people’s bank.

Is it STILL the people’s bank these days?

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