Lunar New Year in Singapore: Is Singapore the most boring place to be?

A friend, who went to China for the Lunar New Year, sent me some pictures of how the locals celebrated the spring festival with a bang by setting off firecrackers.

It was exciting compared with boring Singapore during CNY he kept on stressing.

On reflection, I think he’s right. I know of friends who flee to Malaysia for the same reason.

So, I support the call of a ST reader who wrote to the Forum page calling on the authorities to designate certain areas for Singaporeans to set off firecrackers.

The younger generations would undoubtedly enjoy the experience. With proper safeguards it’s safe.

Playing with firecrackers during CNY is a tradtional cultural experience. The older generation still salivates at the memory of their childhood experience playing with firecrackers.

If we are serious about making Singapore a vibrant and interesting city not only to live in but also to visit, the authorities should constantly review their policies.

Taking public feedback with greater seriousness would be a good starting point.


2 Responses to “Lunar New Year in Singapore: Is Singapore the most boring place to be?”

  1. There will always be that odd 10% of the population who will just break the law and let off the firecrackers in non-designated places.

    Sigh… How to please everyone? Best no crackers. Boring? I don’t think so. There are so many other things to do in Singapore. Right?

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