NATAS: WHY charge public?

Once again, NATAS is upon us

But why is NATAS charging the public $4 to enter in order to give business to the travel agents?

For supposedly travel bargains?

Some might say Hey, it’s only $4. Can’t you afford?

Affordability is not the issue.

The question is why should I pay an entrance fee to buy travel packages and air fares? I can get the same offers elsewhere now or post-NATAS.

As long as the organisers think it’s OK to mpose an entrance fee, I’ll boycot NATAS.

My friend, William, known for his whacky sense of humour said, “$4 buys me lunch at my favourite coffee shop.”


2 Responses to “NATAS: WHY charge public?”

  1. I think to filter out those who go see-see-look-look. Also like the casino levy, prevent people from acting on impulse.

  2. You have a point there. Hmm…must mull over it.

    They’ve unwittingly put up a barrier for frequent travellers like me.

    As a matter of principle if any businesses charge me to enter to buy their products or services I’ll go elsewhere.

    Am I alone in feeling this way?

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