Yishun Public Library: “live broadcast”

This is a “live broadcast” from Yishun Public Library:

1130: I arrive in library. Read the papers.
1200: Spot two North View Secondary boys, one using his handphone. School over so early?
1205: Security guy walks past me with a notebook in hand.
1230: Library is quiet.
1232: Six North View Secondary girls walk past me, chatting as teens often do.
1238: One youth talking on phone as he walks between the shelves.
1239: Four women emerge with one feeding an infant. None with a book.
1244: More North View students enter. They find a quiet corner to chat.
1252: Security guy has a word with them. More and more North View students all around me. Looks like the whole school is here!
1256: No surprise. Once students enter library, the peace and quiet is shattered.
1300: Library staff with the word “Expertise” on the back of her jacket ignores the chattering students.
1302: Students getting noisier. Security says something to them, and walks away. Students laugh and joke.
1303: Two students sit on the floor next to me, and promptly watch a video on their phone.
1306: Three students run to catch up with friends.
1311: Three giggling girls from North View race each other to grab seats.
1315: I leave as the library is getting noisier with the student invasion.


2 Responses to “Yishun Public Library: “live broadcast””

  1. Ouch, is the library becoming a social lounge for students/adults?

    But the National Library (Central) seems pretty decent at all times. Do pop by to this library then.

    • The word LOUNGE pretty sums it up. Yes, NL is decent except for kids who treat it as a place to practise their 50m sprints.

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