Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games: don’t leave out retirees and senior citizens

It seems the public will be able to watch the debut Youth Olympic Games (YOG) for $10 or less come August.

Frankly, in Singapore we don’t have a strong sporting culture. I’ve seen regional athletics events where spectators were embarrassingly absent. Even our S-League is not popular with the masses who prefer EPL

Given our hot weather,most would prefer to spend their free time in air-conditioned comfort elsewhere eg in the cinema, shopping mall, MacDonald’s, Starbucks.

But there’s one group of people viz the senior citizens and retirees who have loads of free time but not much money.

Hopefully, concessionary rates could be offered to this group to entice them to watch YOG. During office hours who else but they, apart from students, have the time?

With the world TV cameras focused on Singapore, it would be most embarrassing if spectators were missing.

I hope the YOG organising committee is not too preoccupied with the bottom line.

Given the singular honour of staging the inaugural YOG, Singapore has to ensure that it is a spectacular success.

Without spectators to fill the stadiums and halls, YOG will be an insipid affair.

Or,worst, a national embarrassment.

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